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      Condominium Law

   Nowadays the Condominiums are becoming a common type of living accommodations convenient, and often, the only affordable real property for many people in Toronto. But owning a condo can become a challenge. Whether you are renovating your condo, renting it out, or becoming of one of the Directors of the Condo Corporation, or may be confronting the Board, the Management or their decisions, or just struggling to understand those complicated laws and regulations, by-laws and rules, or facing other related legal issues, you need a legal professional specializing in condominium law, and I am the one.

Dealing with condo-related laws, regulations, by-laws, rules and guidelines can be confusing and discouraging. So don’t attempt to navigate through your problem alone. Whether you need a renovation contract or lease agreement reviewed and corrected, or maybe there is a dispute with your neighbours, or their tenants, over pets, smoking, smells, dirt or other issues that interfere with your life in your own unit, I will help you to find a solution for those problems with your best interests in mind. 

  I offer professional and personal legal service with reasonable rates and convenient appointment scheduling.

  If you are facing a problem with your condo, whatever it may be, call me: (416) 512-7506 for my legal assistance. 

 Call today to set up an appointment to discuss your specific concerns.

 I can personally or in association with other professionals (Auditors, Engineers, etc.) help you to deal with:

*** Tenants issues;

*** By-law and rules problems – review,consultation, problem    solving;                                             

***  By-law and Condo Rules enforcement, or general business   practices;

*** Calling and holding Annual General meetings; 

*** Shared Facilities: Review and advice about your rights and obligations; 

*** Enforcement of compliance with the Condominium Act,   declaration, by-laws and rules by owners or their Tenants;

*** Renovation or management contracts, or leases: review and advise of your rights and liabilities to protect the Condo Corporation;                                                                       

*** Collection of unpaid common expenses from unit owners (within Small Claims Court Monetary Jurisdiction);                

*** Renovation contracts: review and advice;  

*** Human rights complaints: review, advice and resolution and representation at the HRTO;   

***Negotiation, review and amendment of third party agreements, including renovation contracts, loan agreements, property management contracts, employment agreements, security agreements and other contracts;                     

***Privacy issues, including use of video surveillance;                                                                                                   

       I offer full range of condominium related litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and representation before Small Claims Courts, various tribunals and mediators/arbitrators within issues related to Condominium Act, and other relevant legislation.    Don’t delay, call today: 416-512-7506