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WSIB Claims & Appeals

       If you have been injured at work, or developed a medical condition from work, there is very important to immediately report the incident to your employer and the WSIB and get medical treatment as soon as possible.

     There are strict time limits for filing a claim with the WSIB and the longer you delay, the more likely you will be denied WSIB benefits.

     The workplace insurance system was established by the Government to pay for health care and partial lost wages if you are injured at work. If you are denied benefits and services from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board after a work related injury, you can appeal the decision.

 Workplace Safety and Insurance Act,1997


   * We can make assessment and review of your claim; 

   * Complete all documents in order to appeal the decision; 

  * Represent you during your appeal before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Appeals Tribunal.

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